The Training

For Horses

Starting/Restarting or Problem $675/month

  • 5-6 days of work a week (weather permitting)
  • Fed 2x daily with coastal & once daily our grain (Triple Crown Complete)
  • Blanketing/Unblanketing
  • Coordination of farrier and vet visits while in training
  • Deworm (if needed)

*Minimum of 30 days*

Keeping Them Tuned $400/month

  • 4-6 days of work a week (weather permitting)
  • Fed 2x daily with coastal
  • Blanketing/Unblanketing

**If horse is on specific diet or owner would like to feed something other than Triple Crown Complete, owner will need to supply feed. Inquire about pricing**

For Humans

My lessons, make the rider the priority. Since that is who I am training I make it a point to discuss what it is they want to get from their lessons. Some people want to improve their overall horsemanship, some would like to prepare for owning in the future or maybe they are thinking about switching disciplines. No matter the goal(s), every lesson client is expected to do more than just ride (no matter the age). I make sure clients are exposed to all the everyday, on the ground practices that are the foundation of an equestrian.

Each lesson plan is catered to an individual’s goals, personality and learning style. This is the best way to ensure progress

I also want to help first time horse owners/buyers find their forever horse(s). I am very adamant about a person having a connection with a horse before purchasing. This isn’t always the easiest route when buying a horse, but it is well worth it when you find that horse that is meant for you.

« Late or no show policy » Any ‘no show’ will still be charged their whole session fee. Cancellations without 24hrs notice will incur a 25% charge at the next scheduled session. Cancellations due to weather or with 24hrs+ notice will not incur a fee.