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Equine Sports Massage (COMING SOON)

**Massage is not a replacement for veterinary care**


$85 Massage Full Body (Duration varies depending on the needs and tolerance of the horse)

$60/H Barn Call Massages (3-4 horses)

$70/H Barn Call Massages (2 horses)

$45 15-25min Pre/Post/Massage Gun

Stall Rest Package

Massage Therapy is a great way to keep muscles loose during a period of stall rest. It releases endorphins, helps reduce inflammation/swelling and can improve the horse’s overall disposition. 60 Day Rehab $320, 90 Day Rehab $500 (Includes 2 massages per month of rehab)

**Get approval for massage from primary vet prior to purchasing this package**

Evaluation Package

Pre&post massage walk out, full body massage, massage gun on problem areas. $225

Show Package

Do you have several horses showing? Book me for the day! This package is good for a total of 2 full body massages and 3 Pre/Post massages throughout your barn’s show day. There are NO substitutions or makeups $420

*$35 travel fee for 30miles – 40miles from my barn*